The term Fab Four in Cricket refers to a group of exceptional batsmen who have dominated the sport with their remarkable skills and consistent performances. This blog post is a comprehensive exploration of the Fab Four, comprising Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Joe Root, and Kane Williamson. We delve into their careers, achievements, playing styles, and impact on the game, providing readers with an in-depth understanding of why these players are considered the elite of modern-day cricket.

1. Who Are the Fab Four In Cricket?

– Exploring the Cricketing Journeys of Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Joe Root, and Kane Williamson

In this section, we take a closer look at each player’s background, including their early cricketing days, rise to prominence, and key milestones in their careers. We analyze their playing styles, strengths, and weaknesses, highlighting what sets them apart as the top batsmen in the game today.

2. The Test Cricket Dominance

– Unraveling the Fab Four’s Impact in the Test Arena

Test cricket is considered the concluding format of the game, and the Fab Four have left an indelible mark in this arena. We examine their performances in Test matches, including memorable innings, centuries, and records, shedding light on their contributions to their respective teams’ success.

3. The Captaincy Factor

– Assessing the Leadership Qualities of the Fab Four

Beyond their batting prowess, we delve into their roles as captains of their national teams. We analyze their leadership styles, decision-making abilities, and the impact of their captaincy on team dynamics and performance.

4. The T20 and ODI Impact

– Exploring the Fab Four’s Adaptability in Limited-Overs Cricket

While the Fab Four have made their mark in Test cricket, they have also excelled in limited-overs formats. We discuss their performances in T20 and ODI matches, highlighting their adaptability and versatility across different formats.

5. The Rivalries and Collaborations

– Unveiling the Interactions and Rivalries Among the Fab Four

The cricketing world has witnessed intense battles and memorable collaborations involving the Fab Four. We explore their on-field rivalries, partnerships, and memorable encounters that have captivated cricket fans worldwide.

6. The Future Prospects

– Speculating the Future of the Fab Four and Their Impact on the Game

As the Fab Four continue to dominate the cricketing world, we speculate on their future trajectories. We discuss their potential achievements, challenges, and the legacy they are likely to leave behind in the annals of cricket history.

7. The Fab Four and the World Cup

– Assessing the Fab Four’s Performances in ICC Cricket World Cups

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle of limited-overs cricket, and we evaluate the Fab Four’s performances in this prestigious tournament. We highlight their contributions, memorable moments, and the impact of their performances on their teams’ World Cup campaigns.

8. The Fab Four’s Impact Beyond Cricket

– Exploring the Fab Four’s Influence Beyond the Cricket Field

Beyond their cricketing achievements, the Fab Four have had a significant impact on the sport and beyond. We delve into their off-field contributions, endorsements, philanthropy, and the role they play as ambassadors of the game.

9. The Evolution of the Fab Four

– Tracing the Evolution of the Fab Four Over the Years

The Fab Four have evolved as players and individuals over the years, and we trace their journeys from budding talents to cricketing legends. We analyze the changes in their game, mindset, and approach as they continue to excel at the highest level.

10. The Fab Four in Numbers

– Crunching the Numbers Behind the Fab Four’s Success

In this section, we present statistical insights into the Fab Four’s careers, showcasing their records, milestones, averages, and other key metrics that highlight their exceptional achievements in the world of cricket.

The Fab 4 of Cricket – Kohli, Smith, Williamson & Root

In cricket, the ‘Fab Four’ refers to the quartet of Virat Kohli, Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root – four contemporary batting giants dominating the game today. This phenomenal batting partnership has taken the cricketing world by storm in the last decade through their world-class batsmanship.

In this blog, we dive into the skills, stats, styles, achievements, and impact of Kohli, Smith, Williamson and Root that make them the modern Fab Four in cricket. Read on for a deep dive into the Big Four batters ruling cricket currently.

The Origins of Cricket’s Fab Four

The Fab Four term gained popularity in 2017 after former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe used it to praise the partnership’s batting prowess. Crowe identified how Kohli, Smith, Williamson and Root were the world’s leading batsmen and on track to become modern greats.

Since then, their staggering consistency has proven Crowe’s prediction accurate. These four batters have raised the bar to new heights, dominating bowling attacks everywhere with their diverse styles, hunger for runs and insatiable appetite for big scores.

Statistical Dominance of the Fab Four

Let’s start by looking at the phenomenal statistical dominance the Fab Four have achieved in the last decade:

Virat Kohli

8043 Test runs at 49.53 average with 27 Test centuries

Steve Smith

7793 Test runs at 62.84 average with 28 Test centuries

Kane Williamson

7115 Test runs at 54.31 average with 24 Test centuries

Joe Root

9607 Test runs at 49.4 average with 26 Test centuries

These numbers put the Fab Four in a league of their own currently. They have consistently delivered big runs against all opposition, home and away. Their staggering averages and hundreds tally highlights a run-scoring prowess rarely seen in Test history.

Among active cricketers, they are miles ahead of anyone else. The Fab Four’s combined totals of over 33,000 runs and 105 Test centuries is simply breathtaking. Their consistency has formed the bedrock of their teams’ Test fortunes.

Technical Brilliance

A key factor behind the Fab Four’s success is their technical excellence. While all four have contrasting techniques and idiosyncrasies, some common traits stand out:

Solid Defense

They boast impregnable defenses capable of withstanding bowling barrages for long periods. This allows them to play marathon innings.

Lightning Fast Reflexes

Their uncanny hand-eye coordination gives them enough time to react to bowling threats. This allows dominating attacks.

All-Round Shotmaking

Each member of the Fab Four boasts a 360-degree range of attacking strokes to dismantle attacks. This makes them dangerous.


Their zen-like focus enables them to tune out pressure and distractions to construct massive innings. Their concentration ability is second to none.

When in full flow, all four batters use their technical mastery and traits to make batting look effortless against even the best bowlers.

Mental Strength and Temperament

Mental toughness separates the Fab Four from the chasing pack. Some standout qualities:

Appetite for Big Scores

They have an insatiable hunger for mammoth scores like doubles, triples and even quadruple tons rather than being content with milestones.


They possess the ability to absorb pressure situations and play match-saving or winning innings regularly, steering their teams out of trouble.


Their phenomenal run-scoring consistency across conditions and years is unmatched. They deliver impactful performances regularly.


They routinely finish off matches and play captain’s innings to carry their team’s batting fortunes on their shoulders.

This array of priceless mental strengths allows the Fab Four to regularly play heroic innings against the odds and under immense pressure.


The individual and collective achievements of Kohli, Smith, Williamson and Root in the last decade have been astronomical, including:

  • 100+ Test centuries among the Fab Four so far. Only Sachin Tendulkar has more.
  • Multiple doubles and even triple centuries. Smith has 3x 200+ scores, Williamson has 2x, Kohli and Root 1x each.
  • Smith top scored (774 runs) in the 2019 Ashes series. Williamson recently top scored in a Test series vs Pakistan.
  • Topped the ICC Test batting rankings: Smith, Kohli and Williamson have all been #1.
  • Won major ICC trophies and Test series for their countries. Smith won the 2015 World Cup, Kohli won the 2011 World Cup and 2013 Champions Trophy for India.

The mountain of runs and accomplishments distinguishes the Fab Four as modern greats. They have raised the bar for batsmanship to heights not seen since legends like Tendulkar, Lara and Ponting.


The Fab Four’s lasting legacy in cricket will be:

  • Their sheer statistical domination of Test batting in the modern era. The sheer volume of their runs places them among the all-time greats already.
  • Forging batting standards rarely seen dominance wise since Sir Donald Bradman. Their staggering averages and massive scores reflect this.
  • Carrying their team’s Test fortunes for the better part of a decade on their shoulders and coming through when it matters.
  • Bringing artistry, flair, resilience, consistency and mental strength back to Test batting. Their skills have made Tests exciting again.
  • Inspiring future generations to aim higher and achieve batting greatness through their feats.

As the Fab Four continue playing in the 2020s, their final legacy will become even greater. But there’s no doubt Kohli, Smith, Williamson and Root have formed the most dominant batting partnership of the modern era. They have taken Test batting into a new stratosphere through their combined brilliance.


In conclusion, the Fab Four represent the epitome of batting excellence in contemporary cricket. Their skill, dedication, and impact on the game have solidified their places among the all-time greats. Whether you’re a cricket enthusiast or someone looking to understand the essence of modern-day cricketing excellence, this blog post offers a comprehensive insight into the Fab Four and their legacy in the sport.

In conclusion, the Fab Four epitomize cricket’s golden age of batting in the 21st century. Their diverse styles, insatiable run hunger, mental strength, and statistical achievements have massively enriched Test cricket. They will go down as true modern legends of the game whose batting heroics steered their teams to new heights.

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